[lammps-users] multiple output of different intervals

First many thanks for your answer to my question on airebo potential format, Steve.

  1. I’d like to output two data with different steps (for instace, output of J with interval 1 and output of K with interval of 10000).
    However, it seems that thermo_style can be used with one single interval using thermo keyword.
    If there is a method for it, would you let me know what I should do for it?

  2. Incidentally asking, we can make output data recorded in file using log keyword.
    Then, can we make multiple data files for different output data such as those of question 1?
    If so, how can we make it possible?

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Using fix ave/time you can output any quantities you want
(with or without averaging) to a file. Use multiple of
those commands if your want different files at different


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