[lammps-users] net force on granular particle

Hi LAMMPS usres,
I want to calculate net force on singles granular sphere due to other small spheres in simulation region. Is it possible in LAMMPS? If yes, how to dump?

<br>Any help will be appreciated.<br><br>


You can dump the total force on any particle in a dump custom command.


Hi Ram,
You can dump the net force on any “i” particle due to another “j” particle in LAAMPS. There are two places the stress/force calculations takes places in

  1. pair_gran_history.cpp
  2. fix_gran_diag.cpp

in first the calculation of force/stress takes place every time steps whereas in second the calling frequency can be set up by user from input script. You can see the functions “compute” in pair_gran_histroy.cpp or “stress_history” in fix_gran_diag.cpp to see how they are calculates inside LAMMPS. I hope they are straightforwards once you look in to them.