[lammps-users] new LAMMPS forum on Materials Science Community Discourse website

Hi all -

Wanted to let you know, there is now another way to get support for using LAMMPS and to connect with the LAMMPS user community. As well as connect with users of other materials modeling codes and tools, many of which are related to the same kinds of problems LAMMPS is used for.

LAMMPS has joined the Materials Science Community Discourse website
as a forum with two sub-categories:

https://matsci.org = overall website
https://matsci.org/lammps = new questions/answers about LAMMPS
https://matsci.org/lammps/mailing-list-mirror = archive of LAMMPS mail list

MatSci hosts forums for dozens of materials science related codes and tools. Forums are similar to mail lists, but have additional features as well. To post a message of your own or respond to another message, you must join the forum and login. Just click the “sign-up” button. You can read or search old forum threads without joining.

As listed above, the LAMMPS forum currently has two sub-categories. The first is for posting new LAMMPS-related questions or suggestions, similar to how you can send a message to the mail list. The second is an actively updated archive of the LAMMPS mail list, so it can be searched from the forum. The latter is read-only; you can only post new questions or respond to messages in the first branch.

For the next year or so both the mail list and forum will be supported by the LAMMPS developers. We’re experimenting to see if that will change in the future.

Bottom line: feel free to join the forum in lieu of subscribing to the mail list, or both if you like. We are trying to assess what works best for our user community.


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