[lammps-users] new NPT/PR capability in LAMMPS

Released (finally), a new NPT capability for LAMMPS
that allows for box shape changes as well as box size,
which users have been asking about for a long time.
I.e. Parinello-Rahman dynamics.

This is all due to hard and careful work by
Aidan Thompson (Sandia) - thanks Aidan!

Included in this is a reworking of NVT and NPH and the various
sphere and aspherical variants to all use a more robust
Nose/Hoover formulation, with chains and other options.
Also fix box/relax now allows minimizations including
box size and shape changes.

This necessitated some syntax changes in the fix
NVT, NPH, NPT and box/relax commands.

Please try out the 7Apr10 patch.