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I have read informatıon on web site . And I tried to run my file again . it couldnt run on lammps program.I tried these ways:

1-) C:\Users\hp\Desktop\LAMMPS 64-bit 20Sep2021>lmp.exe workpiecesphere.in — ERROR is ( ERROR: Invalid command-line argument (src/lammps.cpp:431)

2-)C:\Users\hp\Desktop\LAMMPS 64-bit 20Sep2021>lmp_serial -in workpiecesphere.in ----ERROR is (‘lmp_serial’ is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file)

But these didnt work .

I downloaded that version : I downloaded that version :

2021-09-20 23:24 LAMMPS-64bit-latest.exe

Could you show me way how to run this?

Best Regards

you have to read more carefully. neither of the two command lines is correct and in accordance with the provided information.

the name of the LAMMPS executable depends on how it is compiled. the download page for the windows installer packages clearly states that the LAMMPS command for these packages is always “lmp”. there is no mention of lmp.exe (which will work as well because this is windows) nor lmp_serial

the LAMMPS manual explains how to run LAMMPS in a more general fashion (https://docs.lammps.org/Run_basics.html) and uses different names for the LAMMPS executable but you must use lmp because that is what your executable is called. It also explains that you have to either use i/o redirection or (by preference) the -in flag to pass the content of your input file to LAMMPS for processing. just adding the filename as an argument in therefore incorrect.

so if you correctly combine the two incorrect command lines you were using, you will have LAMMPS run (if your input file is correct, that is).