[lammps-users] (no subject)

Dear Lammps users,
I would like to ask u if i could calculate thermal velocity per layer so as to
evaluate the per layer temperature. I have the following problem:
I run a dpd Poiseuille flow in a channel and i want to evaluate the temperature
values per layers in y dimension. The ke/atom compute command in combination
with the fix ave/spatial command give me a kinetic energy involving both the
thermal velocity and the stream velocity(am i right on that?). So i must find
another way to calculate the temperature. I also want to calculate this
temperature (by evaluating the thermal velocity) for the whole channel per
timestep but i get a temperature consiting the stream velocity. As i can see
the only command to extract this velocity is the temp/deform command but this
is not what i want to do. Can anyone please help??? Thank u very much in
advance. Dorothy

If you want to subtract out an arbitrary velocity profile (as generated
by the Poiseuille flow) and compute the thermal temp of what
remains, then I think you'd need to write your own fix to do that.
Or post process it after dumping the velocities to a file.