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Please post ur input file
or the fix indent command

Have you checked this out?

{8 Mar 2010

One character bug in the new fix indent command (5Mar10 patch), with respect to using a variable for the radius of the indenter.

This patch file can be applied to the 7 Mar 2010 version. This is the list of changed files.

check here

LAMMPS Molecular Dynamics Simulator}

you have to apply the patch


fix 1 all indent 100.0 sphere 5.0 5.0 12.0 2.0

Yes, I checked the bug-page of 05Mar2010. I tries all types of this command. Nothing works.
The error hints that there is no such command in the package.


I just added that command to bench/in.lj, and it works fine in my version,
which is the fully patched version. Do you have a src/fix_indent.cpp file
and is it 14639 bytes long (the current version)?


2010/3/25 isak2010 _ <iz2517@…8…>

Yes, I have this file src/fix_indent.cpp and it is 14639 bytes without any bug fixing, but the version is 10Mar2010 and 24Mar2010, i.e. both are later that the patch was published.
Do I still nedd to patch the installation?


It looks like the last change to fix_indent.cpp was 8Mar, so you probably
have the latest file. Assuming you built with it, LAMMPS should not
give the error you are seeing.


2010/3/26 isak2010 _ <iz2517@…8…>

Hi Steve and Isak,

Sorry for delayed response.I have recompiled the latest version today, and checked the indent command.It is working fine for me.I am using this command for almost 1 year for my purpose, however I have never experienced any trouble.

As you told in your 1 st email that you got an error smth like Illegal fix indent command,it seems to me that there is some problem regarding the use of the command.May be you are missing something.The command you have sent to us,I have tried that also.It is working fine.