[lammps-users] Nrepeat in fix ave/spatial


on webpage http://lammps.sandia.gov/doc/fix_ave_spatial.html the functions of fix ave/spatial were described, including what I think should be a new update: the Nrepeat parameter. But after I downloaded the newest upgrade version and read fix_ave_spatial.cpp, I found the function of Nrepeat seemed not coded there. Will fix_ave_spatial.cpp/h be updated (with this Nrepeat function) and released very soon? This function would be very useful for my future simulation.

Thanks and regards!

Xiang Gu

This will be in the next release in Oct sometime (see the
27 Sept 07 bug fix note). The doc pages in the
doc dir of your code version match that version. The
WWW page doc pages do not always match, as in
this case.