[lammps-users] Origin of coordinates in "dump xyz" command

Dear all,
I doing a 3D simulation. I have to take the output of the coordinates in xyz format. What is the origin of the coordinates by default when i use " dump xyz " command ? Can i shift the origin ?


Origin is, of course, 0.0,0.0,0.0.
And no, you cannot “shift” it.

I want to measure the distance of the particles from the COM of the system. How can I do that ?

What kind/geometry of system? Is there a well defined center of mass?

If yes, it should be possible with atom style variables. But the details depend on the specifics of your system and set up and thus it is not possible to give more detailed advice from remote.

N no of equally charged particles forming a spherical ball. What do you mean by " well defined " COM ?

A bulk system or a slab or any other system that is continuous in at least one direction and thus invariant to translation or definition of the box boundaries does not have a well defined center of mass. You can compute it, but the result depends on the box boundaries and is thus arbitrary.