[lammps-users] output atom id in dump custom file

Dear LAMMPS developers and users,

I have a question about dump file.
I'm trying to output atom id with velocities with command below, but it
doesn't work.

dump 6 all custom 1000 dump.ver2_014v id vx vy vz

Would you tell me why it doesn't work?
I got an error statement as

ERROR: Invalid keyword in dump custom command.

I saw comments in the LAMMPS document that when it's running in
parallel, an order of dump outputs might be ramdom, so definitely I need
atom ID to identify it.
I would appreciate your help!
Thank you very much.

Best regards,
Nanako Takahashi

Are you using the current version of LAMMPS? The
keyword used to be "tag" but now it's "id".


Now it's running on the latest version of LAMMPS!
Thank you so much.


Steve Plimpton wrote: