[lammps-users] pair communications

Dear LAMMPS User/Developers,

I’m using comm->comm_forward_pair in a pair_style to pass some custom information between procs (2 doubles per atom). However, it seems that I’m only communicating data from the 6 facing procs… I also want data from the ‘corner’ processors. In my test, the skin+cutoff is equal to the box length so I think I should be communicating all the data in the 9+8+9 surrounding processors. All of the ghost atoms are present on the corners, but my info is not.

Is this the way comm_forward_pair is intended to work (only on faces)? If so, I’ll communicate some with some other method or add one…



The comm forward/reverse routines will communicate to all
ghost atoms. It does it via 6-way comm but corner procs's atoms
are involved, just as the a processor's ghost atoms include corner