[lammps-users] pair_lubricate.cpp

Comments below.


Dear Steve,

I aggree with your reasoning.

But how to refer to a per atom type variable in the input file for
dump/debug/... ?

Not sure what you mean. What quantity do you want to reference in what command?

How can I understand my result, that interaction starts when
center-to-center distance became less than the atom type diameter?

What is your evidence for this? What are you using for your 2 cutoffs?
For a simple problem, I would probably put print statements in pair lubricate
and verify directly that what you surmise is happening is actually happening.

Beside that, what would change in the unreleased pair lubricate2 you
mentioned and are you going to publish?

yes, eventually we'll release it - I'll send you the doc page for it
separately - I can't recall all the changes