[lammps-users] pair lubricate

Dear LAMMPS users,

after an update from lammps-9Jan09 to lammps-27Aug09 my input file including pair granular and pair lubricate does not work anymore.

The following ERROR occurs:
Pair lubricate cannot be used with atom attributes diameter or rmass
These attributes override the shape and mass settings, so cannot be used.

data file:
The data file reads all atoms of one type. The Mass for this atom type is set. Because of pair granular diameter and density has also to be defined.

input file:
Atoms differ in their Molecule-ID in order to use fix rigid. The shape is set for all atoms after the read_data command.
fix nve is also included, however it's not necessary.

The Model worked in a previous LAMMPS version, however the rigid command might be changed. The folliwng packages are compiled in:

Asphere, Class2, Colloid, Dipole, DPD, Granular, k-space, Manybody, Molecule, Peri

With kind regards,
Thomas Wagner.

data.particles (216 Bytes)

in.particles (897 Bytes)

You must be using atom_style hybrid with sub-styles that define both
per-type mass and per-atom mass. The latest LAMMPS has been
made more careful about how mass or particle size is treated
in that case. See the doc pages for mass and shape commands.
The error says what it means. Pair lubricate
would have to be enhanced to allow either type of mass and size
to be used.