[lammps-users] pair_style dpd command


I have a question about pair_style dpd. I can’t completely the A parameter in conservative force Fc. Is it a constant? If there are LJ potential between particles, which also provides a conservative force. Are A and LJ force directly relative ? If not, how can I determine the A value according to simulation system.
I hope some kind people give me a hand. Thanks in advance.

A is a constant. There is no LJ interaction b/c it would be strongly
repulsive at small particle separations and that's what DPD tries
to avoid. I suggest you read the doc page in LAMMPS for
pair_style dpd and the paper by Groot/Warren that it cites, in
order to understand what flavor of DPD is implemented in LAMMPS.


2008/1/23 田文德 <[email protected]>: