[lammps-users] Parallel installation problem

Dear all,

I am newer for lammps and now trying to install lammps in parallel platform. I rewrite the Makefile.linux, set the path for the ‘mpi.h’ and ‘libmpi.a’ file, like what is mentioned on the documentation. And when i make it, error shows “/usr/bin/ld: cannot find -lcxa”… Does anyone encounter this problem before and could you kindly show me how to solve this
In addition, the platform I used is HP XC system and I use MPICH 1.2 which is installed by the system administratore

Thank you very much!


Hi Dong,

I work with a similar cluster. here’s the Makefile I use.


Makefile.XC (771 Bytes)

cxa is an Intel lib - if you have the Intel compilers intstalled
you should have it under the lib dir - e.g. in /opt/intel...

If you're not using the Intel compilers, you don't need it
in your Makefile.foo