[lammps-users] Peridynamics: instable simulation

Hello All,

I am simulating a compression test on an heterogeneous material using peri/lps.

Rectangular shaped material undergoing compression along y-axis. The stress is calculated monitoring the total force on top layer divided by surface of the layer (3D). (please see attached the input file)

However, while the 3D model works fine with homogeneous properties and the simulation looks as expected, the 3D heterogeneous results shows instability, leading to early failure and sometimes the bonds are broken before the simulation. (please see attached the photos)

Am I missing something or am I doing something wrong in the input files? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks




3D.lps (4.25 KB)

You likely need a Peridynamics expert to help you with this.
Not sure there are any who read this mail list.