[lammps-users] Pizza-7Nov05 problem

I also find that pizza(7-Nov05) could not read the log file of
lammps(30-Nov05), and have report it to
[email protected]

I'm not good at python, but I think the problem may be at here ( log.py
200 )
def read_header(self,file):
str_multi = "----- Step"
str_one = "Step Temperature" // change it to str_one = "Step"
str_gran = "Step Atoms"

lammps(30-Nov05) write the item in log file like this:
Step TotEng Temp Press Volume
0 -6.9551028e+09 300 1.4895564e+12 34012.224
but log.py think it should be:
Step Temperature TotEng Press Volume
0 -6.9551028e+09 300 1.4895564e+12 34012.224

I don't know whether it is right or not, as I know noting about python!
does anyone who know python coulde check the code of log.py?

Yang Hong

Ji-Hoon Kang wrote:

Yes - I see the problem now. With the 30Nov05 LAMMPS patch, the format
of the log files changed a bit. I changed my log.py in Pizza.py but I forgot
to post a Pizza.py patch for that. So the older Pizza.py does have a problem
reading the latest LAMMPS log files.

I’ll post a Pizza.py patch in a few minutes with an updated log.py