[lammps-users] Post-doc position at Oak Ridge National Laboratory

We have a position open for a post-doc. The work will involve research and software development in the areas of molecular physics, molecular dynamics, and massively parallel and GPGPU computing. Details for the position are posted below. Interested parties may contact Rebecca Hartman-Baker<[email protected]> or apply at the link below.

- Mike

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Computational Sciences

National Center for Computational Sciences/OLCF
Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Oak Ridge, Tennessee


Project Description:
The Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s Leadership Computing Facility (OLCF) has
the charge to develop and apply transformational computational science
capabilities in support of dramatic advances in our understanding of the
physical world and using that knowledge to address the most pressing
national and international concerns. The OLCF is one of the world’s premier
science facilities‹an unparalleled research environment that provides the
most powerful computing resources in the world for open scientific research
(http://www.nccs.gov). Postdoctoral positions are available immediately for
candidates interested in and capable of performing leading-edge research and
development in support of the U.S. Department of Energy’s Energy Frontier
Research Centers (EFRCs – see http://www.er.doe.gov/bes/efrc.html),
Leadership-class users from the Innovative and Novel Computational Impact on
Theory and Experiment (INCITE) Program (http://doeleadershipcomputing.org/),
and the general computational sciences community. While the INCITE program
is open to anyone from academia, research laboratories, and industry; the
EFRCs are focused on aspects of science that will take advantage of new
capabilities in nanotechnology, high-intensity light sources, neutron
scattering sources, supercomputing, and other advanced instrumentation, much
of it developed with DOE Office of Science (http://www.er.doe.gov/) support
over the past decade. These efforts will lay the scientific groundwork for
fundamental advances in solar energy, biofuels, transportation, energy
efficiency, electricity storage and transmission, clean coal and carbon
capture and sequestration, and nuclear energy.

Unique and relevant ORNL resources:
The NCCS at ORNL (www.nccs.gov) was established in 1992. In 2004 the Center
was designated by the Secretary of Energy as a User Facility for the nation,
designed to provide unclassified research a resource 100 times more powerful
than the capabilities in 2004. As a designated User Facility, the Oak Ridge
Leadership Computing Facility delivers leadership-class computing for
science and engineering; focuses on grand-challenge science and engineering
applications; procures largest-scale computer systems (beyond typical vendor
design points) and develops high-end operational and application software;
and educates and trains the next generation of computational scientists. The
facility gives researchers an unparalleled environment in which to make new
discoveries that will dramatically impact the nation’s ability to produce a
secure energy economy and increase mankind’s fundamental understanding of
our world. Today the computing resources of the NCCS are among the fastest
in the world. The NCCS is a part of the Computing and Computational Sciences
Directorate (CCSD) that also embodies two other research organizations: the
Computational Sciences and Engineering Division and the Computer Science and
Mathematics Division. The CCSD maintains leadership in various areas of
computational science across the laboratory and within the overall
computational science community.

Postdoctoral candidates with a strong computational science background in
materials science, nanoscience, bioscience, chemistry, climate, and computer
sciences will be considered. In all areas candidates should have a strong
understanding of application development techniques (models, algorithms,
software) at scale (large processor counts). Heterogeneous computing
experience would be a plus as well as a strong performance engineering
knowledge base. Exceptionally outstanding Masters level candidates may also
be considered. Successful candidates will be mentored and teamed with staff
in domain science research groups at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and the
Scientific Computing Group in the OLCF. Here they will collaborate with
leading computer and computational scientists at ORNL in the development and
application of new computational techniques specifically targeted at the key
DOE Office of Science missions. Applicants cannot have received the most
recent degree more than five years prior to the date of application
appointment and must complete all degree requirements before starting their

Technical Questions:
Questions regarding the position can be directed to Ricky Kendall at
[email protected] or Doug Kothe at [email protected] Please include the
requisition number and title when corresponding.

How to Apply:
Qualified applicants must apply online at https://www2.orau.gov/ORNL_POST/.
All applicants will need to register before they can begin the online
application. For complete instructions, on how to apply, please see the
instructions at

This appointment is offered through the ORNL Postgraduate Research
Participation Program and is administered by the Oak Ridge Institute for
Science and Education (ORISE). The program is open to all qualified U.S. and
non-U.S. citizens without regard to race, color, age, religion, sex,
national origin, physical or mental disability, or status as a Vietnam-era
veteran or disabled veteran.