[lammps-users] Post-Process lammps output with Ensight

Can someone share the experience importing lammps outputs(e.g., .case, and .geo files) of ATC module into Ensight software,

I donnot know why my Ensight software cannot open the “.geo” file from the example in the ‘Hardy’ folder.

Many thanks

Maybe Reese Jones (rjones at sandia.gov) and his group can
help you on viz of their meshes


Hi Caloma, are you trying to import the .geo file directly or through the .case file? Can you let us know what the specific error that Ensight provides is, what version of it you're using, and what machine you're running on.

Hi Jeremy,

Thanks for your reply.

The error is always"Error reading data".

The data is from running the “in.eam_volume_stretch” in the example.

There is no problem in reading “.case” file, but after it, the window just shows a box frame there.

The version I am using is Ensight 9. I tried both “Ensight 9.0” and “Ensight 9.0 Gold” in Windows vista.