[lammps-users] Potential file for Cu-Ag alloy system

Dear Lammps users,

I am looking for the Cu-Ag alloy eam potential in suitable format to be used by lammps. The potential files are provided by Mishin in the following repository http://www.ctcms.nist.gov/potentials/Ag-Cu.html. Has anyone work with this potential in the past and he is kind enough to send me the file, or just instructions on how to generate the potential file by using Mishin's data. Do i just copy in a *.eam.alloy file Mishin's data as instructed in the webpage:

"Setfl files in the potentials directory of the LAMMPS distribution have an ".eam.alloy" suffix. A DYNAMO multi-element setfl file is formatted as follows:
lines 1,2,3 = comments (ignored)
line 4: Nelements Element1 Element2 ... ElementN
line 5: Nrho, drho, Nr, dr, cutoff

Many thanks in advance.

Nicholas Epiphaniou

I would look at the file and see if it is in the format LAMMPS requires.
Or try sending an email to the owner of the NIST repository and
ask him about the formats.