[lammps-users] PRD Segmentation Fault

I ran prd without specifying minimization values (from the manual,
default values are 40 50 0.1 0.1, should that be 0.1 0.1 40 50 instead?)


Is anyone else able to reproduce these results?

Yes. Although it is not really a problem with the minimization parameters. Until there is a patch, you can change line 130 of output.cpp from:

else next_restart = update->laststep + 1;


else next_restart = std::numeric_limits::max();

  • Mike

Hi Mike,

Thanks, this fixed the problem for me.

Just a note, I also had to add the line:
#include <limits>


Posted a patch for this issue, as well as made the prd.html doc
file consistent for the min parameters.

Thanks to Mike and John,