[lammps-users] Pressure during MD run

As per my understanding the instantaneos pressure in an MD simulation especilly of warer can be anything as we are doing an MD in pico seconds molecules can be vibrating in any way… So talking of instantaneous pressure is irrelevant, what matters is the average pressure.
Am i right? Can anyone add something?

Thank you.

Please note that this is a mailing list for discussing the use of the LAMMPS software, NOT for discussing and being trained in performing MD simulations in general.
For that you should first and foremost talk to your adviser or tutor or more experienced colleagues. You may get some help initially, but if you keep posting questions about elementary MD topics it will just eventually lead to people ignoring you, so that by the time you have a problem which is a real LAMMPS problem, you are much less likely to get the kind of help you otherwise would get (and need).

Sure sir.
Thank you