[lammps-users] problem at initial level

hello sir ,i m beginner of lammps and working according to manual,in page no 48, when i use command ( cp …/ …/src/lmp_linux . ). i got following msg.
plz tell me right way.
[email protected]…1796…1…:~/Desktop$ cd lammps-21Nov09/
[email protected]…1531…:~/Desktop/lammps-21Nov09$ cd examples/
[email protected]…1796…1…:~/Desktop/lammps-21Nov09/examples$ cd indent/
[email protected]…1531…:~/Desktop/lammps-21Nov09/examples/indent$ cp …/ …/src/lmp_linux .
cp: omitting directory ../'** **cp: cannot stat …/src/lmp_linux’: No such file or directory


The commands in the manual are printed correctly; however, what you have written is NOT what is entered there.

PLEASE consult some resources on how to use Linux/unix systems; you’ll learn a lot, and will save a lot of time because you won’t need to wait several hours for someone to tell you that the problem is you’ve inserted a space where you shouldn’t have.


There is probably a "blank space" between your "../" and "../src/lmp_linux"