[lammps-users] Problem in making xmovie


I am facing the same problem as an earlier user of LAMMPS (Rushabh Kothari). Here is the mailing list link to the problem.


I am a very new user to LINUX and LAMMPS and Makefiles and there is nobody at my workplace here to help me with them hence I have to rely on your response to my problem.

Now I understand Steve’s reply to the problem as the X11 library needs to be located and linked. I do not know how to link the X11 library specifically. There are two lib folders lib and lib64. The makefile directs me to lib and there is a folder named X11 in that. this folder contains other folders and a few files as well but those files don’t have extensions as the files in the lib folder (no *.a or *.so files).

Then there is another location of the X11 folder in the include folder. There are .h files in that folder and a few folders as well.

I am completely lost. Please help me.


Ripudaman Manchanda
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Here's where the X11 libs are on my Linux box:


PS: There must be someone in the Schulmberger computational
group that knows about Makefiles ... if all the oil & gas
companies only run Microsoft Windows, then I've got
new worries ...


Thank you for your reply...

Well I am an intern over here... And don’t have access to people who do
makefiles in schlumberger...

The location of the libX11 library files is the same on my LINUX box as
well... The error that comes up is that -lX11 not found.

Anyways I have found a way out of this by using VMD which is running for the
xyz format on my box and for my simulations.

Thank you so much for your help.


VMD will be a much better viz solution for you than xmovie.
Xmovie is just a quick/dirty viz tool, which is fast, but
has limited funcionality.