[lammps-users] Problem in the "plane" option of Fix Indent command

I am sure I am using the newest version(28 Oct) of LAMMPS, thus, the “plane” option of Fix Indent command is included;

However, when I set following command as the manual tells

‘fix 1 all indent 20.0 plane z 271.5475 271.5475 421.3475 units box’

I keep receiving the error information that “ERROR: Illegal fix indent command”

While I change to spherecal indenter as below:

‘fix 1 all indent 20.0 sphere 271.5475 271.5475 421.7475 10 units box’

It works well.

I am wondering whether you guys have used such function in LAMMPS and how to solve this problem.

Many thanks.

The doc page says: plane args = dim pos side

You have two too many numeric args. And you
need a lo/hi.