[lammps-users] problem with CO2?

Dear All,

i am trying to make a simple simulation with some CO2 molecules. the thing is that when i make the visualization i see that a lot of bonds are broken and oxygen atoms move by themselves ,and some for example carbon atoms have been connected.i check again and again my data file and it is correct. i don't want to use rigig molecules ,but i used really big numbers for bond_coeff and angle coeff. there are two files. the 1st is the minimization and the 2nd is for the simulations.

Thanks Dimitris

dear dimitris,

you have to either provide the full set of inputs so that somebody
can easily(!) reproduce your runs or explain exactly (plus a snapshot?)
how you determine from the visualization that the bonds are broken.
there is a finite chance, that you are just confused by the periodic
wrapping of atom positions.