[lammps-users] problem with "compute attribute/atom"

Hi all.

I have a problem using command "compute" with style "attribute/atom".
Even copy from docs didn't affect it.
A tried some other styles and they work well.
Can you say me a reason?

Thank you.

P.S.:log file:

units metal
dimension 3
boundary s s p
#newton on
atom_style atomic
neighbor 4.0E+8 nsq

read_data data.dust
  orthogonal box = (-1e+08 -1e+08 -0.1) to (1e+08 1e+08 0.1)
  1 by 1 by 1 processor grid
  2 atoms
  2 velocities

group group1 id 1
1 atoms in group group1
group group2 id 2
1 atoms in group group2

timestep 1.0E+6

thermo_style multi
thermo 200000

fix fix_TempScale all temp/rescale 100 34648.0 34648.0 20.0 0.8

pair_style yukawa 1.0E-07 1.0E+10
pair_coeff * * 3.0E+6

fix fixSpring1 group1 spring tether 2.5E-9 0.0 0.0 NULL 0.0
fix fixNve all nve

compute 1 group1 attribute/atom vy
ERROR: Invalid compute style

I don't see a problem with your compute command.
Are you using the latest version (fully patched) of LAMMPS?
If so, please post your input script and data file.