[lammps-users] problems compiling w/ 7March patch.

Hello Lammps List,

I am having trouble to compile the program with the patch of 7March. (linux or serial versions, g++ compiler)

It goes fine until it reaches angle_charmm. Here is the error message:

g++ -O -I/uufs/arches/sys/pkg/mpich/std/include -I/uufs/arches/sys/pkg/fftw/2.1.5/include -DFFT_FFTW -DGZIP -c angle_charmm.cpp
angle_charmm.cpp: In member function `virtual void LAMMPS_NS::AngleCharmm::compute(int, int)':
angle_charmm.cpp:90: error: no matching function for call to `LAMMPS_NS::Domain::minimum_image(double*, double*, double*)'
domain.h:90: note: candidates are: void LAMMPS_NS::Domain::minimum_image(double&, double&, double&)
domain.h:91: note: void LAMMPS_NS::Domain::minimum_image(double*)

(and then same complaint for all the lines in angle_charmm.cpp that call minimum_image)

Does anyone know how to fix this? Should I change an option in the makefile or in a source file?

thanks for your help,

It looks like you somehow are compiling with some older and some newer
files together, since the args for the minimum_image() function changed
in a patch about that time.

Not sure how that would happen to you, but the most current version
(16 Mar 07) doesn't have that problem, so I suggest you download