[lammps-users] Problems in making file with colloid package

Dear LaAMMPS Users,

I tried compiling the 22-Jun07 package with the package colloid and I
get errors. I tried with granular and it compiles correctly. Appreciate
your help. Thanks.

The command and error are listed below:

$ make yes-colloid

make: *** [yes-colloid] Error 1

Try gmake instead of make. All make yes-colloid does is copy
files into src from src/COLLOID, so can you figure out why
it fails?


Hello Steve,

Our reply made me look into src directorya dn I found the sub-directory
colloid was missing in 22-Jun07 version but can be got from 9_jul07
patch. Once I downloaded the 9Jul07 patch, I could make the file with
COLLOId optional package. Thanks.