[lammps-users] problems posting to and searching lammps users group

Hello all, I tried to post earlier today about problems searching the archive. The text of my post is viewable in the archive only as an html attachment, with the post itself empty. This is very strange. In addition, although I am a member of the board, I did not receive my post in my inbox (my lammps user group options ARE set to receive my own posts).

Here is my second attempt to post my (original) problem:

– “Anyone can view and search previously posted messages by browsing the archives The “search” option is immediately above the calendar.”

I have noticed that the search option mysteriously disappears from the archive page*:
The search option is plainly not immediately above the calendar. Anyone know what’s going on?


  • I have grabbed a screenshot of the calendar without the “search” key above it, should such evidence be requested

This is likely a SF issue - they are flaky sometimes. It can
take a day or 2 for things to appear.