[lammps-users] Problems with delete_atoms

Hello everybody

I have created a fcc (111) surface with some atoms missing using the delete_atoms command. In the manual it says, that after the atoms being deleted, the atom IDs are re-assigned, but when having a closer look to my dump file I must notice that they aren't. Does anyone know how to handle that ?
Here's my input file :

units real
boundary p p p
atom_style full

lattice fcc 4.0782 orient x -1 1 0 orient y -1 -1 2 orient z 1 1 1
region sys block -3 3 -3 3 -3 0
create_box 2 sys

mass 1 3
mass 2 5

region au_top block EDGE EDGE EDGE EDGE -0.5 EDGE
create_atoms 1 region au_top
delete_atoms porosity au_top 0.5 234

region au block EDGE EDGE EDGE EDGE EDGE -0.5
create_atoms 2 region au

dump my all atom 10 system.lammpstrj &

timestep 1
run 10

Thanks, Lukas

If you're using atom_style full, LAMMPS thinks this is a molecular
system, so it will not reassign the IDs. The doc page for delete_atoms
talks about this.


As steve said, change to atom_style to atomic, if it is possible for you to do.