[lammps-users] problems with region in a deposit sample of GAN

i see a week ago an example of fix deposit and study for make the sample at=
tached in this mail.

i have some problems with this.
1- the region command tell me that must define a lattice and i define a lat=
tice for it, but the atomic system are readed by command read_data.
2- i suppose that read_data stablish a simulation box defined into the file=
, and then i put zhi more bigger (22 to 33).
3- when fix deposit try to deposit in region slab give me an error: ' depos=
it region extends outside simulation box'

could you tell me why give me this error?
if you see something bad please tell me.

thank you for all.

data.GaN (42.3 KB)

GaN.sw (884 Bytes)

in.zinc (775 Bytes)

You don't need to use a lattice with the region command - see the
box option you can append to it.

For fix deposit, you need to specify a volume to do the depositoin in
that is inside your simulation box. Whatever you've specified for
your region, must extend outside the box.