[lammps-users] property/chunk output without getting average


I use “chunk/atom” and “property/chunk” commands to count the number of atoms per chunk in my system.

compute 1A all chunk/atom bin/2d x center (lx/10) y center (ly/10)

compute myChunk1 all property/chunk 1A count

The problem is I do not want to get the average of the atoms in chunks but I need the number of atoms every “N” runs!

Can you please let me know how I can have this as an output?

Thanks in advance.

Nothing in those 2 commands will do time averaging (fix ave/chunk does that).
So what part of it is not working? If you are using fix ave/chunk to simply
output the chunk info, then you can use it with Nevery Nrepeat Nfreq values
that do no averaging, e.g. 100 1 100.