[lammps-users] [Q] pair_style sw not working

Hello, Steve

Thank you for your kind reply related with STUBS/libmpi.a in serial
compilation of LAMMPS.
I should have read LAMMPS documentation more carefully.
This time, I am stuck with "pair_style sw" and afraid this is again
another stupid question.
I was trying to use Stillinger-Weber potential model because there is
si.sw potential file in the potentials directory.
But, It seems that LAMMPS doesn't recognize it. I got the following
ERROR message:

$ lmp_serial < in.si
LAMMPS (1 Oct 2006)
Created box = (0 0 0) to (16.2929 16.2929 16.2929)
  1 by 1 by 1 processor grid
Created 216 atoms
ERROR: Invalid pair style

SW and Tersoff potentials have not yet been implemented in LAMMPS?
I attahched in.si file so that you may take a look.
Thanks again.


in.si (1.11 KB)

The Stillinger-Weber and Tersoff potentials are not yet in LAMMPS
so you can't use pair_style sw. But they should be released on Monday.