[lammps-users] Question about 'Dangerous builds'

Hi, all,

I am simulating a tenary system with three different types of atoms, the system size is small, only a 15168 (a^3) cube.

In my simulation ( the input is shown as following ), the screen output shows that Dangerous builds is nonzero

Following the documentation, I changed my delay factor, but the it doesn’t take effect on the “dangerous builds” number.

How should i do to eliminate this danerous build to be zero?

Thanks all your help!

Input file:

log tenary_log.dat
units metal
boundary s s s
atom_style atomic
read_data adsop_input.dat
pair_style meam
pair_coeff * * library-tenary.meam Si O Au sio2au.meam Si O Au
neighbor 0.3 bin
neigh_modify delay 10
restart 2000 bkup_tenary_1.rst bkup_tenary_2.rst
compute new all temp
velocity all create 1.0 19801231 temp new
thermo 10
thermo_style custom step temp pe ke etotal vol press
thermo_modify lost warn norm yes
fix 1 all nvt 0.01 0.01 0.005 drag 0.2
dump 1 all custom 5000 dump.tenary tag type x y z
timestep 0.001
run 200000