[lammps-users] question about "fix deposit"

I don't know. I guess I would print thermo output
every step and see if the 2 atoms that get
inserted are put in the same place by the 2 versions.

I do know that doing fix nvt on a group of atoms where
the count of atoms is changing is a bad idea. Nose/Hoover
stores state from timestep to timestep and that state
is not meant to be perturbed by changing the number
of atoms.


Thank Steve and Axel.

I want to simulate the material growth. Does the nve system properly describe the experimental system? Is it also bad choice by using NVP, NPT in system with changing atom numbers?

I have now chosen nve + langevin. The command is
fix 1 substrate nve
fix 2 substrate langevin 1800.0 1800.0 100.0 48279 scale 3 1.5

However,there is still an error making me crazy :" ERROR: Illegal fix langevin command". I am sure the command line is right in fix langevin, and I do not know the reason for this error.

Thank you again for so much help!
Mary charismas in advance!