[lammps-users] Question about granular

Hi LAMMPS users

I inserted two types of particles in my simulation's box by pouring. In my
simulations, an easy example that I made was: an box with 1000 particles of
diameter 2d (on the bottom) plus 1000 particles of diameter d (above)
approximately, but I had problems with the visualization of different particles.

I'm using the "fix_insert" for to insert the particles inside the box:
fix ins1 all insert 1000 1 300719 diam 1.0 1.1 region slab
fix ins2 all insert 1000 2 300719 diam 0.5 0.6 region slab

I'm using the pizza.py toolkit for visualization. I ran the lammps for my
in.teste and a dump.teste was created. After in the pizza, I used the tool gl.py:

d = dump("dump.teste")
g = gl(d)

so I looked the animation and many images PNG was created for each snapshot.

In this images, I see each type of particle with a different color, but my
problem is: all the particles have the same size, I don't see the biggest particles.

I'd like to know, how can I visualize the different particles? What can I do to
look the particles with different diameters in the same box?

Thanks a lot.


The gl tool in Pizza.py has options for changing the color and size
of particles for different types when it does the GL viz. The command
for color is "acol" and for radius is "arad". See "? gl" from within
Pizza.py to get the doc page.