[lammps-users] Question About LAMMPS ATC

I asked a question on LAMMPS mail list earlier and I was told that I should contact one of the developers for the atc package. I tried to reach but my emails are rejected by the server. If possible, please cc one of the developers.

My question:

I’m trying to model a gaussian laser beam using the two temp. model. I opened the function.h and .cpp files to understand the built-in functions and I understood the how they work and the relevant parameters. I also realized that it is possible to limit the domain of the laser source distribution by specifying the suitable node sets. My question is, is it possible to vary the coordinates in time ? In other words, moving the laser beam so it becomes a function F(x,y(t),z)? Or that needs modifications to the source code? I want to move it linearly so it will just be replacing y with (my+c) where m and c are constants.

Kindly assist me


CCing Reese Jones, one of the ATC developers.