[lammps-users] Question about pressure difference of the EAM/opt and EAM

Dear all lammps users

I use EAM to simulate the thin film deposition ,and according to the manual the command of EAM/opt will be faster than pervious EAM. So I do a test of the new EAM/opt and EAM in version "12Feb2007" with same input script and compare the result with the simulation I did before(version "1Oct06"). I found the EAM shows the same value of energy, temp and pressure exaxctly.The EAM/opt has a little different in temp and energy comparing to the result I got. But the value of pressure is quite different for EAM/opt and EAM. Is there any reason cause this?

Thanks for your replying


Try the bench/in.eam problem. That gives identical answers with eam
and eam/opt on my box. Otherwise, please post a simple input script
for a small problem that illustrates the issue.