[lammps-users] Question: dump_modify - part I


I need to dump some variables like the stress tensor and I'm wondering is it's possible to do averaging over some timesteps internal (in memory) and then write the results to a dumpfile. To be more descriptive: Is it possible to dump every M steps a variable which has been averaged internally every N (<M) steps?

I'd suppose it could work like this:
dump dump_stress_unloading all custom 1000 unloading/dump.* x y z centro szz sxz syz
dump_modify dump_stress_unloading every 10

What is the meaning of the keyword <every>? Is this just changing the <dump_period> given before via the <dump> command or does it influence internal averaging?

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Dumps of per-atom quantities don't do any internal averaging (which
would require a lot of memory). You are correct that
the dump_modify every setting, just resets the dump frequency.
This allows you to change it without an undump and new dump command,
which would close the file.