[lammps-users] question on patch of LAMMPS

Hello, Steve?
I’d like to use ave/correlate command and it is written that LAMMPS patch of 18 Aug (or program) will make it possible.
It is written that my LAMMPS version is LAMMPS (7 Apr 2010).

Then, should I apply all the patch files from then to 18 Aug?
Is there any other simpler way to use patched program?
For the patch of LAMMPS using patch file, would you let me know what I should do for it in detail, please?

Best regards,


All the instructions for patches are on the WWW site - see the bug.html page
which lists the patches. If you are several months old, I would just
download the latest tarball, which will be fully patched.


2010/8/25 JhonY. I. <[email protected]>: