[lammps-users] question regarding the fix indent command


I have to squeeze the simulation box alog z-axis from both sides i.e. from top and bottom side. Plz tell me can I use the planar indenter for this purpose? Also, the description given for the planar indenter is little bit confusing to me- I am not getting the usage of arg side for planar indenter. How can I use these side args ‘lo & hi’ in my case? Also, I have to displace the indenter with each iteration (bottom indenter upwards and up indenter downwards). Plz help me regarding this.

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Shivraj Karewar.

Put one indenter at a lo z value, with side = lo - it will push upward
on atoms. Vice versa with a hi z value.

To move it in steps, you can put the fix indent command in a loop (see
next, jump, variable commands)
and have the pos setting (position of the plane) be a variable.


Hello Steve,

Thanks for the reply. Plz let me know what value should be good for the force constant (to get the repulsive potential effect) in this case.

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I don't know - that's a question for your model.