[lammps-users] quistion about meamf parameters

Hello dear lammps users!

I'm new to lammps and gladly appreciate any help.

Where i can find description for parameters in meamf lammps file
library.meam: "elt, lat, z, ielement, atwt, alpha, b0, b1, b2, b3,
alat, esub, asub, t0, t1, t2, t3, rozero, ibar"

I'm interesting in:

1 ) As i understood, z is coordination number, so, although for Ti
hcp it 12, for C dia it 6, for TiC in TiC.meam i have to write z = 6
for sc?

2) what is t0?

3) what is alat if i have hcp lattice - there are two parameters c and
a for hcp?

4) what is asub?

5) rozero?

6) ibar?

May be there is someone who speaks russian and have skype?

Thank You.

Alex Kryklia
junior research assist.
Dep. of Appl. Math. and Computing Experiment in Materials Science
Institute for Problems in Materials Science
Krzhizhanivsky 3, Kyiv 03680