[lammps-users] quistion about meamf parameters

--> in TiC.meam, the co-ordination number is not needed. Instead, the
lattice type of the reference structure should be defined with the
variable lattce(1,2) - look at the file SiC.meam. Look at the code to
see if your reference structure is included, otherwise you'll have to
add it.
--> t0, t1, t2, t3, b0, b1, b2, b3, asub, rozero are adjustable
parameters, not directly related to material properties. t0 is usually
set to 1. Look up any paper on MEAM. asub would be the A.
--> alat for hcp is 'a' or the nearest neighbor distance.
--> Rozero is called the (relative) density scaling parameter. It is
only important for multi-component systems and is irrelevant for single
element systems.
--> Ibar decides which formula is used on the gamma function, which
combines the partially electron densities, before calculating the
embedding energy.

You will have to read a few papers and look at the code.