[lammps-users] reax/c pair_style problem

Hi lammps users,
I have been using reax/c pair_style for simulating polyethylene cnt nanocomposite. Now I changed my material to epon teta cnt nanocomposite. Two main changes I made from my cnt polyethylene code: changed data file and force field file, which are obvious changes to be made. But while using mpirun -np 6 lmp_mpi -i input.epoxy_cnt I got the following error:
Signal: Segmentation fault (11)
Signal code: Address not mapped (1)

Failing at address: 0x1a1…

Is this an error due to the lmp_mpi executable or a problem with my code? Any suggestions?


control_file (692 Bytes)

ffield.reaxc.cnt_epoxy (15.5 KB)

param.qeq (217 Bytes)

input.epoxy_cnt (2.15 KB)

epoxy.data (727 KB)

this means that most likely one of your files is not correctly formatted and that you should perhaps upgrade to a newer version of LAMMPS which has better diagnostics for such issues.


running with an experimental version of USER-REAXC with an updated parser I can tell you the issue is in the force field file lines 75-76. those are two lines, but they must only be one line.

Thanks, Axel. This worked. Is this experimental version of reaxc available on lammps website? Want to try it out if available.


No. It is a pull request branch on GitHub with known issues. Those issues are independent from the parser which now reports line numbers with errors.