[lammps-users] reax: invalid pair style

I have compiled the LAMMPS package(7 Jul 2009) with reax, poem and meam as optional packages. At first, I built each of them by typing " make -f Makefile.ifort". The make file I am using is the following :

# linux_poems_meam = RedHat Linux box, Intel icc, MPICH, FFTW, POEMS/MEAM/REAX libs

SHELL = /bin/sh

# System-specific settings

CC = mpicc
CCFLAGS = -O -I../../lib/poems -I../../lib/reax -I/../../meam -I/group2/valsa/fftw2/intel/include \
LINK = mpicc
LINKFLAGS = -O -static -L../../lib/poems -L../../lib/meam -L../../lib/reax -L/group2/valsa/fftw2/intel/lib \
USRLIB = -lfftw -L/opt/intel/impi/3.1/lib64 -lmpi -lpoems -lmeam -lreax
SYSLIB = -lpthread -lstdc++ -lifcore -lsvml -lompstub -limf -lirc -lguide
SIZE = size

# Link target

\(EXE\): (OBJ)
        \(LINK\) (LINKFLAGS) \(OBJ\) (USRLIB) \(SYSLIB\) \-o (EXE)
        \(SIZE\) (EXE)

# Library target

lib: \(OBJ\)         (ARCHIVE) \(ARFLAGS\) (EXE) $(OBJ)

# Compilation rules

        \(CC\) (CCFLAGS) -c $<

        \(CC\) (CCFLAGS) \(DEPFLAGS\) < > $@

# Individual dependencies

DEPENDS = \(OBJ:\.o=\.d\) include (DEPENDS)

Did you run make yes-ream, make yes-meam and make yes-poem before compiling the lammps?
If not then compile packages before compiling LAMMPS.

Please use the latest (fully patched) version of LAMMPS and
read its doc page about building LAMMPS with packages. It
goes thru this in detail and the format of the lo-level MAKE/Makefiles
is more clear about what needs to be specified for packages like
reax or meam.