[lammps-users] References for algorithms in fix nvt?

I know where I can get literature on the basic
Nose-Hoover thermostat, but I was wondering if there
were literature references for the other features in
"fix nvt", like the drag parameter?

The drag option was added ad-hoc - it isn't standard
Nose/Hoover ...


I am a new user of lammps, and found the documentation to be quite comrehensive, so that I could start my work quite fast. Thanks.

I found the large oscillations during NPT runs, in the absence of drag, intriguing. Under “fix npt”, are the barostat variables, thermostatted? i.e., is there an independent NH thermostat attached to the barostat’s momentum? Assuming that it is not thermostatted, could that be the reason for the large oscillations?


NPT has a thermostat and a barostat, each with their own
"mass", which are evolved by Nose/Hoover ...