[lammps-users] Regarding alloy coeffs

Dear Sir,

I am using Lammps-12Sept10 edition and according to the manual:

"7 Sept 2010

Xiaowang Zhou (Sandia) has provided a new tool for generating alloy EAM potential files. This patch adds it as tools/eam_database. Parameters for any of the following elements can be combined into alloy potentials: Cu, Ag, Au, Ni, Pd, Pt, Al, Pb, Fe, Mo, Ta, W, Mg, Co, Ti, Zr. "

It seems I can model Al Au alloy by eam/alloy pair_style, but I don’t know which potential I should use since there is no such Al-Au potential file in the “potentials” folder.

Is there a potential for that?or maybe I am in a wrong approach… Thanks!

Best Regards,
Zenan Qi

College of Engineering
Boston University
8 Saint Marry Street
Boston, MA, 02215

I don't know. I suggest you contact the author of the tool,
which is listed in tools/eam_database/README.