[lammps-users] regarding electric field n tensile deformation

hi lammps users

I am having one doubt relatd to the electric field force which can be given as a input in LAMMPS but that electric field input can be applying to each atom of a particular group.

In general in real sense we used two electrodes with a seperation distance and applied voltage to generate the electic field.

Now my problem is as I am elongating my structure and simultaneously I am applying electric field. but as in real situations the location of the electrod ll be fixed but in LAMMPS as the sample start elongating my input for the electric field will not be valid because as the group of atom in which i am applying electrid field is also moving.

Any comments or how to go for this kind of problem.

warm regards
Vijay Kumar Sutrakar

The fix efield command in LAMMPS is simple. It just applies
a force to an atom of magnitude Eq. No spatial dependence.
You'll have to decide if that is valid for the model you envision.