[lammps-users] Regarding meaning of "N" in f_ID[N] command

Dear Sir/friends,

I have been using “fix indent” command in my work. I have a doubt regarding the meaning of f_ID[N] command for getting the vector forces calculated by fix.

Like if I use command:

thermo_style custom step temp pe ke f_6 f_6[1] f_6[2]

then how do I differentiate vector force components for x, y and z directions on this basis? Do the numerals in “[]” show any direction vectors ?

Please do guide regarding the same.

With regards,

Hi Sarang,

To my understanding,
f_6[1] corresponds to x, f_6[2] to y and f_6[3] to z.

You can also check the source file to know what they exactly mean.



1,2,3 = x,y,z